Weddings, Weddings, Weddings

More about my regular life.  This summer one of my friends from work is getting married in July, my only sister is getting married in August, and My best friend is getting married in September.  My whole life is about weddings right now. It is crazy.  I’ve designed 3 sets of wedding invitations, programs, and everything else in the last few weeks, let alone now we are working on centerpieces.  If I bring up another wedding, probably another great idea from a friend/family and figured I’d share.

Their Weddings!

July – Ms. Fletcher

Shes having a super elegant evening in the city wedding with a ballroom that has all glass windows and you can see the entire skyline, it’ll be beautiful. I’ve helped with her invites! I’ll definitely be sharing pictures here soon!

August – Ms. Litchney

This is my sister, super quirky/weird and having a green and silver Medieval themed wedding.  This is including handmade chainmaille for her horse and custom thrones for her reception.

September – Ms. Andrusky

My best friend is having a beautiful teal and hot pink carnival wedding! Wait for these posts, because her decorations are going to be outrageous! Plus there will be tons of DIY, how to, and learning experience posts.

So please bare with me as I do all of these weddings, and be their go to for DIY as well as planning my own!  This is going to be a great year and a half! Hope you all enjoy the ride as well.



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